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Hello My Friend,

The Affiliate/Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, Direct Mail and many other forms in the advertising and marketing arena are full of pitfalls we all want to avoid. People are scared of embracing these concepts because of many stories of failure after being given the promise of a good life if they just buy this and that, often putting 75% to 100% Commissions in the so called Guru's pocket, laughing all the way to the bank with your hard earned money, while leaving you pennyless, tired, frustrated and worse off financially, spiritually and emotionally.

STOP The Insanity

We, like many others out there, have encountered hardships and difficulties of all sorts. But the good news is that after going through all of that, WE SURVIVED and CONTINUE TO THRIVE. In the process, we learned who to trust, what works and what does not.

With our help, you no longer have to go through all the risks you dread. If you have this strong desire to make it to the top successfully, you can make it through The Epic Team Builder (ETB). We are a hybrid of Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing, along with a few other avenues, all built into one company. We invite you to take our hand, and we will guide you step by step. We will show you how to develop your first income stream without any financial commitments on your part.

Here’s the thing, although there is a lot of negative talk surfacing about Affiliate/Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, Direct Mail and other forms of advertising, there’s a truth that we cannot deny – IT HAS THE CAPACITY TO PROVIDE A WAY FOR PEOPLE TO EARN HUNDREDS, THOUSANDS, and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. Earning through these avenues can be done from the comforts of home even on a part time basis while you are still working your current J.O.B. (Just Over Broke).

Ordinary people like you and I can live extraordinary lives. The combination of technology and the Internet has made this a possibility. Financial gains beyond your grasp are now within reach. Proper training and the right programs are key to making the dream from "Rags to Riches" a reality.


Golden Years Retirement At Any Age

The Opportunity to Earn is Right in Front of YOU, Unleash it Through ETB

IT IS SO EASY because there are no special skills required nor training necessary to start earning. Surely, living comfortably with access to the better things in life has been made easier with The ETB System.

There is also 100% Free Training in the members back office for those who are serious about learning and progressing quicker.

IT IS SIMPLE because your computer or smart phone are the only essentials you’ll be needing to begin. Accompanied with faith and patience, you are on your way to enjoying a more satisfying and pleasant lifestyle.

IT IS AFFORDABLE because there are no financial commitments on your part. Everything is already paid for by us. And by everything we mean EVERYTHING! No Forced Up Sells from us later... No Credit Card Required - Ever!!! 100% FREE here at the Epic Team Builder means 100% FREE!! We will never ask you for One Red Cent for any of our assistance or training. We have covered all the cost and future cost. Rest assured, we are on a Massive Team Building Campaign to help change lives for the better.

Because All We Need is for YOU to Decide to Ride Along and WE Will Take Care of the Rest.


Ride Along - 100% Risk Free

With the collaborative efforts of our team, ETB will assist you in developing your first two income streams that will provide you with extra paychecks – 100% FREE OF CHARGE! There is never a purchase required on your part for our service. Refreshing to know that 100% Free Really Means 100% FREE!

Those paychecks, however, are just the beginning, because the Internet world is expanding so fast, we are also going to introduce you to several more Top Quality companies that you may particiapte with us as a team, and as a Super Bonus, we will pay your way into all of them, except one.

Finally - You Will Be Earning Money 24/7 Just Like Celebrities

Since we are all consumers, one we get you started we want to introduct you to  this Bonus Company that pays you to consume products, and even give them away as gifts for those special people at special moments.- 100% PASSIVE!!  And get this - "It is Willable to Any Family Member or Organization" of your choice when you leave this earth.

We know you will be Impressed with their line up of merchandise and how you will get paid on a monthly & quarterly basis, however, due to the cost we will only be able to reserve this company for the limited amount of people who show good faith and effort that they are serious about their Financial Future. Total Win-Win-Win Situation for all of us!

100% Never Any Pressure

We, at the Epic Team Builder, will never pressure you into anything, as we have nothing to sell. All we do is teach, train, and encourage those who want to get ahead in life. We believe that there is more to life than working tirelessly at a Dead End Job, and we can still make it something more exciting and worth living if you will have an open mind, heart and spirit to take a Better Path.

You need to take hold of this offer now. This "Bonus Company" is only going to have it's doors open for a limited time... To New Members!!! Since you are reading this section of the page, then you are in luck and the "Door of Opportunity" is still open and waiting for you - Are you going to Open the Door and come in? We don’t want to see this slipping from your hands.



Don't Delay - Take Action Today Before it is Too Late!!

Seriously, can you find a better or simpler, No Brainer deal than what we are offering you today? The EPIC TEAM BUILD and the companies we promote have made this so easy, that a child can make extra money while still in school learning their A, B, C's!


A Child Can Make Money with The Epic Team Build System!!!


How would it feel to have multiple extra pay checks coming in every month of an extra $100? $500? $1,000? Or more??!!!! It won’t hurt for sure! It definitely won’t hurt if you would pay off all your bills, purchase a new or newer automobile,  and even have the capacity to move into a nice home without worrying about straining your budget. Most families are just a paycheck or two away from bankruptcy, and having the psychological comfort that you are Finally, Financially Fit and Secure will give you Peace of Mind so you can relax and enjoy life to its fullest!

Anyone who is concerned about their financial future or someone who is thinking about the things they can do for retirement have to learn how to use the power of a collaborative community effort to start developing multiple extra weekly and monthly paychecks. What better way to do so but through our offer and assistance here at ETB, right?


Happy Moml Making Money From Home

Listen my friend, I have been ripped off by the so-called Guru's. They told me about all these things I need to do, and buy, while they sit back and make a 75% to 100% commission off all this "stuff" that I supposedly needed, BUT DID NOT!!! We have had enough of hearing about these so called Gurus out ripping off hard working people for their own personal gain, and we don’t want you to commit the same mistakes we, and others have made in the past.
Point is, our team is going to basically take you by the hand, and lead you around the land mines so you don't blow yourself up or sink to ruin while following the wrong people. These kind of people only want to sell you every “Get Rich Quick” program that does not do anything but take your money while they laugh all the way to the bank.
We are going to work with you personally every step of the way so because of that,  that is the reason why we can only accommodate a limited number of people. The goal here is to develop multiple paychecks for you. Millionaires always have at least seven different streams of income, and we can assist you with achieving this required task much sooner than you think - Oh, and why stop at seven? You are about to see how easy it is to add Multiple Streams of Never Ending Income that pays you 24 hours per day, non stop just like the Rich, Wealthy Celebrities, Musicians and other artist.

Are You A Statistic?

Give time to check these stats for a moment and seriously consider what your future will look like if you continue to tread on your current course without a decision to make the necessary change.

The Baby Boomers are retiring at an all-time high, and over the next 15 years, here are some statistics they are going to face. It is not really a lifestyle any of them had thought would happen to them, as they have worked hard all their life and did what they were instructed to do all through school:

  • 45% will be dependent on relatives
  • 30% will be dependent on charity & handouts
  • 23% will work to survive
  • 2% will be self sufficient




Maybe you are thinking that, ‘Well, I have social security benefits that can get me by when the time comes’. Well, the fact is, people simply cannot have any kind of life on social security benefits alone. Depending on Social Security Benefits alone,  you will have to settle for low income housing that is not desirable in most places, just go without the needed medications for one’s health, and resort to eating inexpensive, processed food that is not healthy, along with other not so good news to the people who are not pre planning for their Golden Years. We have a solution for the serious people, but, it is not going to happen over night and you will need to make a change for the better.
Fact is, the average social security benefit is about $1,000 per month. Do you have an idea of how much it costs to rent a place to stay in most places nowadays? Government employees will tell you that it’s difficult for them to live a decent life off of $174,000 a year, but they expect us to do it on less than $15,000 per year? So, ask yourself this serious question: Are you going to enjoy your Golden Years in Comfort and Style, living an Exciting and Pleasurable lifestyle, or are you going to spend your Golden Years in misery while working under the Golden Arches trying to make ends meet?
My friend, now is the time to take advantage of the power of the Epic Team Builder Program to become successful. Yes, you will need to keep your day job as we start to develop your new paychecks, as this will take time - Nothing Worthwhile Happens Overnight! So, while you are still working hard to earn your living, it is time to start learning how to ‘Start Working Smart’ to begin living the lifestyle you deserve and dream of. It is time to take care of your family and provide what is needed to enjoy life and not just be a number on those depressing statistic results now, or later in life when it is time to retire.
The start-up cost here at the Epic Team Build is 100% FREE TODAY AND FOREVER! We are putting up all the time, effort, money, and programming costs to make all this happen for us and the small group of people we are willing to work with as a team, who will all become a family of entrepreneurs on the same Journey to Freedome!

Working Smart & Hard for Everyone's Success,


Bernie Matt and the Epic Team Builder Team





We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone for Any Reason!
We are looking for people who want to make a better living for their-selves and their family. This is a Marathon we are running, not a sprint. This effort is for those who are willing to allow us several years to help you to develop multiple streams of really nice residual, passive income. We can not make any guarantee of course. For the serious people, there are ways you can assist to achieve this goal faster for everyone in the ETB Community, but, not required.